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There is a lot to consider when booking a Wedding Photographer... Certainly a lot more then we can write in this tiny paragraph. More than the price, more than the quality, one of the most important parts of achieving fantastic wedding photography results is chemistry.

We are simple down to earth people who enjoy working with the same. Rustic, vintage and weddings with a relaxed theme are our absolute favs! Getting to know our clients before the wedding day is vital in building a relationship built on trust and mutual understanding. That's why we include a complimentary Engagement Portrait Session with every wedding booking. We also provide two Professional Photographers at each wedding to ensure we capture all the special details you put into making your day one to remember.

Many clients have complimented our relaxed, authentic approach to photographing their wedding. It is that approach that allows us to really click with our clients, and for their photos to have a natural, down to earth feel. Choosing the wrong Photographer can make for a long uncomfortable day, and that awkwardness and unease will show in all of your images.

Our advice is to choose a Photographer by style first, then take the time to meet them. Hopefully during the consult we will get to know each other a bit. Trust your gut instinct, it's a powerful tool to help you deduce when something just doesn't feel right. Then you can choose from your favorites the one that works best with your budget. Choosing a Photographer based on price is a huge risk. Often with experience comes an understanding of the necessity to balance the needs of the customer as well as the Photographer. A "budget" Photographer may seem like a good deal, but may lack the not only the skill to take good images, but the knowledge to know where to be and when to be there. We want you to choose the Photographer that makes your face light up when they deliver your images.  We hope that's us, but if not, we hope whomever you choose exceeds all of your hopes and expectations.

We'd love to meet up and chat... No pressure or obligation. Contact us today!

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