Taking Our Own Family Photos / Easter Weekend 2020 during COVID-19

Things are so different this year. Holiday dinners have always been a big deal for my family. They started out with 40-50 people attending, a mix of family and friends, gathering at the farm for a delicious meal and enjoying each others company. As people got older, moved away & started their own families the group got a bit smaller. But still, we love getting together, (all 15ish) of us every holiday. Spending time with family is very important to us, especially now that we have our daughter. This year my mom made a full dinner, take out style. My siblings and I grabbed a meal to go to bring home. It was so yummy but it just wasn't the same. We finished the meal with a dessert and video chat with everyone which was really nice. I am so thankful for technology these days. All of this time away from family and friends made me realize how much we can take for granted. We had a family session for Jeff, Adaelia and I this spring but obviously had to cancel due to COVID-19, so I decided to take (torture) my family and try to take a few photos of our own. Anyone who has had to get their family ready for photos knows how much of a struggle it is. Even for us photographers it isn't always an easy task, especially with a toddler! We just had to walk outside of our house and I was still overwhelmed. I applaud all of you out there who can get yourselves & kids ready and on time for your sessions! So we got dressed and set up our tripod and camera and it began. Are they perfect? No. It's super sunny, Adaelia is missing a shoe in most & not looking at the camera. We don't have perfectly matching outfits and the background is a dead tree. But do I love them? Yes! I am so glad to have these photos and to be able to capture this time in our lives, as crazy as it is. There are so many unknowns these days, time with family and friends is so important and precious however its never guaranteed. Here are our perfectly imperfect family photos, enjoy!

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