Why You Should Consider Having An "Unplugged" Wedding Ceremony

Here are 4 reasons to have a "Unplugged Ceremony"

1. Not having an "unplugged" wedding ceremony could potentially compromise the photographers photos. Someone could walk out in front of the photographer during an important part of the ceremony, like the kiss for example. Also, in some cases the flash from another camera could interfere with the photo. 2. It can be distracting. Other than having several people walking around, some guests may just want to sit and enjoy the ceremony but have a hard time because some guests have their phones, IPads and cameras in the air in front of others. The sound of multiple camera clicks and beeps can be disruptive during the ceremony.

3. Your guests can enjoy the moment and experience it first hand. 4. It is more private. It is common for after a wedding, for the couples Facebook to be bombarded with dozens of bad cell phone pics and photos from other devices that may or mat not be flattering, before they even finish their wedding day. Some folks may not want all of them shared all over social media. 3 Ways to go about telling your guests about your decision to have an "unplugged ceremony"

1. Include information on the written invitations 2. Get the officiant announce it before the ceremony begins 3. Have a visible sign that your guests can read as they walk in We have photographed may weddings, very few of which were "unplugged" weddings. I know people have the best intentions but they may not aware of how they are affecting the professional photographs they will be receiving from the photographer. We do not require our weddings to be device free and we do our best to work around guests who are taking photographs. At the end of the day it is your wedding and your decision, but consider the benefits of having an "unplugged" wedding.

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