Holy Phone-ography Batman, it's a contest!!!

More and more, people whipping out their phone to take photos is becoming common place. I would be willing to bet that point and shoot camera sales are declining as the technology in these tiny phones gives them more and more ability.

It's so popular that it has even been bestowed a name - Phone-ography. Simply put, phone-ography is photos taken using a phone or tablet. In a short time, the quality of images from these cameras have gotten better and better. With great features like HDR, photo stitching and manual controls, they bring all the features of a point and shoot to the table, and often much more.

So what does this mean for us, old fashioned DSLR Photogs? Are we in danger of being phased out by Phone-ography pros? my answer is, HELL NO! We old timers won't go out without a fight!

Do you think you have the mad skills to be the next top Phone-ographer??? Are you constantly showing off your peices of digital I-Art, or uploading pictures of our galaxy to Facebook using your galaxy? Well put your money where your mouth is!!

Until the end of July, send your favorite Phone-ography image to us, and you will be entered into a contest for some great prizes, including a Portrait Session with us! There is no real subject requirement, just looking for cool and unusual images. So here's the rules...

1) Photo must be taken with a cell phone or tablet only. (No point and shoot, DSLRs or sports cameras)

2) Photo must be original and unedited. (and don't try and pull a fast one on me, because I'll knoooowwww)

3) Photos must be sent in before July 31st at Midnight Atlantic Time.

4) Only 3 Photos per person may be entered into the contest.

So get to it, and have some freakin fun for crying out loud! ;)

#photography #contest

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