Light, Science & Magic!

One of the most rewarding parts of Photography is trying a new technique and really nailing it. Back in the olden' days, when I was a meager photography student at Algonquin College in Ottawa, I spent a lot of time learning unique ways to make photos interesting.

I guess as you gain experience you kind of find a groove of comfort in your work and usually don't stray from that comfort zone very often. And why would you? Your photos are looking good, clients are happy, so why rock the boat?

Last night's wedding with Jessica & Jeff Winters reminded me that sometimes you need to get out of that comfort zone. Maybe to try something new, unexpected, authentic... So I did little research and found a fun process to create this magical shot. But first a bit about Jessica and Jeff's day:

It was a beautiful wedding ceremony held at the magnificent Stella Maris Church on Bayside Drive. The church is one of the nicest churches Saint John has to offer. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Peter Osborne, and I can't stress these next sentences enough... I have been to more then a few weddings in my humble career, and Rev. Peter Osborne is by far, and I mean way far, the best choice to perform your wedding ceremony. I mean THE BEST. He is funny, thoughtful, thorough and keeps everyone engaged and entertained during the whole ceremony. He does so with tact and humility, and the result is always a fantastic ceremony. Every time a client tells us they are getting married at the Stella Maris we get so excited. So this is our shout out to Rev. Peter. You did an awesome job, not only yesterday, but ever time we have had the pleasure of photographing a ceremony you have performed!

The reception we held at the H.O.P.E. Centre on Loch Lomond Road. We have never been there before but I was surprised at just how nice it was. I have driven past that building a million times or more, and it's humble exterior does not do the hall justice. The staff was great, and very accommodating, I highly recommend checking it out if your looking for a hall for a wedding or event. The meal was provided by Mama' Georges Catering Services and it was down right freakin yummy... Everything from home made lasagna to Chinese food, salads and cold cuts. Definitely a top notch choice... My only issue was getting back to work with such a full belly ;)

Anyway, back to my previous rant... After a lovely day with Jessica, Jeff and their hilarious and welcoming family and friends, we decided to end the night off with a bang. Check out this image we created late last night at their reception. I thought my title was appropriate... We brought the light and the science, and Jessica and Jeff brought the magic. We could feel the love between these two, like it was something real you could reach out and touch. We really has a great day with you both, thank you so much for allowing us to share it with you!

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