Hey all!

I have loved Photography for about as long as I can remember. My first camera was an all manual Minolta XG1. As soon as I started snapping pics with that old camera I as hooked! My love of Photography was cemented when I met my high school Fine Art teacher, one Ms. Anna Whelan. She recognized my love for photography very early into my high school career, and did everything within her power to support and encourage my journey.

After high school, I wanted nothing more then to pursue Photography as a career. I attended the Photography program at Ottawa's Algonquin College. From there I worked in many different facets of the Photography industry. It wasn't until I met my one true love that my need to plant my flag in the sand emerged. Brittany started Valley Photography with my help and guidance, and it's been a fantastic journey ever since.

Now a bit about what's going on between my ears (Not much I know haha). I am a geek to the core. I love board games, Star Trek, and geeky technology. If you don't believe that, let me know and we'll gladly have you over for a round of Star Trek Risk or Star Trek Catan. I'm a down to earth coffee snob, and love a good high octane caffeine infusion.


I'm a goof, but don't let my fun loving nature fool you... When it comes to your images, I take my work very seriously. I am the technical mind of the team, and derive a lot of joy out of learning and mastering shooting and lighting techniques. I also look after the boring crap no one cares about... the website, keeping the business chugging along etc... I would love to get to know you a bit. How about some coffee???