Hi, I'm Brittany!

I would say my passion for photography started when I was in high school. I had a little point and shoot Kodak camera that I brought everywhere with me and would take pictures of anything I could find. I remember my friends telling me to "stop taking so many pictures!".


Despite how much I loved capturing moments, memories and beautiful landscapes, I never would have thought I would become photographer for my job. I have always loved working with children and when I graduated high school I knew I wanted to have a career involving children. After a couple of years at UNB I realized that a teaching degree was not for me and I earned my Early Childhood Education diploma and spent the next 7 years working with children one-on-one, in daycare and an EA for elementary and middle schools.

After meeting Jeff and having an interest of photography in common, he took me under his wing, taught me what he knew and bought me my first DSLR. There started my photography career! I love photographing children and families and I bring my knowledge and love for children to my sessions to help get the most of the experience.

Jeff would say I am the creative one of the two of us. I love to try new things and bring my creativity into my photography. Ive always loved to paint, make jewelry and make crafts. In my photography, I like doing a session just for me once in a while, to use new editing techniques and play around with lighting.

Some random facts about me:
~ I have a sweet tooth
~ I love the beach
~ I am a shy person and terrified of public speaking
~ I play (not actively) the violin/fiddle, bass guitar and mandolin (beginner)
~ I really like hockey and played hockey from grade 8 until my 2nd year of university
~ My Birthday is on Valentines Day
~ I don't like butter, mayo or eggs ( I know, weird)
~ I love watching the sunrise and getting up early